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FOAM resources from SSAI

SSAI wants to contribute as much as possible to the FOAM concept and provide according to the FOAM ethos: “Free Open Access Med[ical ed]ucation – Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

If you are not familiar with this concept, you find a good explanation here.

SSAI will concentrate on educational content related to our specialty (i.e. anaesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, and pain medicine).

Post congress material from SSAI congresses

SSAI has recently started to make talks held on the bi-annual congress available. SSAI has asked the speakers for permission to post their talks as #FOAMed and most have generously agreed to do that. SSAI has partnered with and the Swedish Society for Anaesthesia and Intensive care, SFAI. The team of has worked many hours in order to bring you these talks and they are posted on Press the button, enjoy and learn.

SSAI 2017 congress talks

Paediatric anaesthesia e-learning platform

ESPA and SSAI have developed a platform for e-learning in paediatric anaesthesia.
4 modules have so far been published:

  1. Coagulation and transfusion
  2. Paediatric airway management
  3. Neurotoxicity
  4. Perioperative fluid challenges

Please register by using your name and email. Personal data are only used to give feedback during the course and for you to resume a course.

FOAM resources in Scandinavia (not related to SSAI)

Here, the SSAI wants to give an overview over all FOAM resources, which are produced in Scandinavia (all in English).

If you are a FOAMer but cannot find your blog here, please contact the webmaster and it will be added immediately.

  • ScanFOAM – a blog from Danish anaesthesiologists focusing on education in general and in disseminating great talks held on (Scandinavian) conferences
  • ScanCrit – a Norwegian led blog focusing mainly on critical care but also on emergency medicine and anaesthesia
  • – a Swedish led blog focusing on screencasts and courses
  • – a Swedish led blog with very good procedural movies, especially on blockades
  • – a Norwegian blog focusing on neuroanaesthesia and neuro critical care
  • – a Swedish blog designated to anaesthetists in training around Stockholm with good material for everyone
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