Explore Oulu – your host city

In this vital city, SSAI2024 will be more than a congress. It will be your own unique Northern Experience.

The City of Oulu is the capital of northern Finland

Oulu is the fastest growing city in Arctic Europe – a cool city with hot business just an hour’s flight from Helsinki.

Oulu is a Smart City and a center for world-class expertise and innovation, the biggest commercial, logistic and cultural hub in the region. Two universities and a wide pool of expertise provide a solid foundation for new businesses and future investments in Oulu.

Oulu is number 1 in quality of life

European Commission Quality of Life in European Cities 2015

The cityoffers a rich array of educational opportunities. The University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences offer numerous faculties, departments and specialised research units that create the foundation of multiscientific research, innovation and training of experts. Regular co-operation with local enterprises provides high-quality education and constant development.

The region of Oulu boasts a thriving life science sector with about 200 hi-tech companies from bio, health, and wellbeing fields. It provides an exceptionally wide and versatile selection of shared R&D environments and living labs to further develop solutions as well as to test their functionality in real environments.

Oulu Facts

250,000 inhabitants in Oulu metropolitan area

3rd busiest in Finland, Oulu Airport

120 different nationalities

Over ⅓ of the inhabitants hold a university degree in Oulu

Nature is your next door neighbour in Oulu

Getting around in Oulu

Getting around in Oulu is relatively easy, thanks to its well-organised public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly layout. Here are some options for getting around in Oulu:

Walking: Oulu is a pedestrian-friendly city, and many of its attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of each other. The city center is particularly compact, making it convenient to explore on foot.

Bicycling: Oulu is known for its extensive network of bicycle lanes and paths. You can rent a bicycle from various bike-sharing services or your accommodation. Cycling is a popular and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

Public Transportation: Oulu has an efficient public transportation system consisting of buses. You can use buses to travel to different parts of the city and its suburbs. You can find information about bus routes, schedules, and fares on the Oulu public transportation website or at the bus stations.

Taxis: Taxis are readily available in Oulu. You can either hail one on the street or use a taxi app to request a ride. Taxis are a convenient but more expensive option compared to public transportation.

Car Rentals: If you plan to explore areas outside the city or prefer the flexibility of having a car, you can rent a car from various car rental agencies in Oulu.

Ferries: Oulu is located on the coast, and there are ferry services available to nearby islands and coastal destinations. If you’re interested in exploring these areas, consider taking a ferry.

An absolute must for a responsible traveller in Oulu is to ride around by bike. After all, Oulu is a world-famous cycling city – even entitled the winter cycling capital of the world by some. So, act like a local and ride a bike, even a rental one.

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