Reimbursement policy of the ACTA Foundation

The reimbursement policy of the Acta Foundation is to facilitate activities specified in the Charter while keeping costs and expenses as low as possible.

Main points

Reimbursement of expenses is offered only in connection with meetings and activities arranged or approved by The Board or Editor-in-Chief.

Before activities can be approved, the person responsible for organising the activity or meeting has to present a total budget for the arrangement for The Board.

Every activity or meeting should be planned with the purpose of keeping expenses as low as possible.

No salary is provided to Editors and Co-Editors.

Some Journal related activities are reimbursed to every editor if approved by the Editor-in-Chief and Board of Directors. Editors and Editor-in-Chief can get reimbursed one computer or tablet every third year for a maximum of 25.000 DKK per 3 years. The Acta Foundation follows Danish tax regulations and as reimbursement of telephone (including smartphones) and internet connection would pose taxation and tax responsibilities on the Acta Foundation, costs for telephone and internet connection are not reimbursed. Computer monitors <32’’ are reimbursed, only. Updated taxation rules in Denmark.


  1. The official Reimbursement Form (please download the form at the bottom of this page) has to be used by all individuals claiming reimbursement.
  2. Reimbursement will only be made to the person whose expenses are to be covered. Costs for flight tickets and taxi fares are refunded to this person and not e.g. to the hospital or other employer. Cover or administration fees or taxes related to the use of services of third parties are not refunded.
  3. Only expenses documented by original (not copies) vouchers or receipts will be reimbursed (taxi, train, etc.). E-tickets for flights are accepted as a receipt. Only economy-class flight tickets will be reimbursed unless otherwise agreed. Use of public transportation is encouraged. Individual restaurant bills or expenses for meals during travel are refunded if agreed on beforehand.
  4. Each claimer’s all expenses related to the same event should be charged on one form. Reimbursement will be in one transaction.
  5. Service providers such as hotels may send their invoices related to an activity directly to the accountant manager (Azets) only after the person in charge of the activity has informed the accountant manager about accepting the bill.

When claiming reimbursement please comply with the following (the process of reimbursement is visualized in the figure below):

  1. All necessary fields of the reimbursement form have to be filled in. Payment cannot be performed unless the BIC-code of the bank and International Bank Account Number (IBAN No) have been stated. For Danish claimers, also the registry number of the bank and the Danish account number is needed.
  2. Fill in the cost for each item as stated on the receipt in the first column. In the second column, fill in the currency of the cost. In the third column, enter the corresponding value in Danish crowns. Enter the total sum in Danish crowns to be reimbursed into the bottom field “Total to be reimbursed” and sign the form.
  3. Scan the reimbursement form and all receipts into ONE pdf file – no paper copies are needed.
  4. Send the reimbursement form with the pdf via e-mail for acceptance to the person in charge of the activity (for Editors this is the Editor-in-Chief). He/She will forward the accepted form via e-mail to Azets and a person with power of attorney for reference and inform the claimer that the reimbursement is approved.
  5. Azets executes the transaction and the transaction is approved by the person with power of attorney. Transactions will be performed every 14. day.
  6. Reimbursement claims should be filed within 3 months after the activity. Later requests will not be reimbursed.

Figure of reimbursement process: (1) The individual claiming reimbursement (A) fills out the reimbursement form, scans the reimbursement form and all receipts into one pdf file and sends it by email to the person in charge of the activity (B). (B) for Editors of AAS is the Editor-in-Chief. (2) B approves the reimbursements and forwards an email including the approved form to Azets and the person with power of attorney (C). (3) Azets executes the reimbursement and the transaction is approved by C.

Grant Application to the Acta Foundation

All grants need to be applied for using the Grant Application Form (please download the form at the bottom of this page). Prior to application, the Director of the Acta Foundation needs to be contacted by e-mail to clarify the process and amount of grant possible to receive. The signed application form needs to be sent to the Director of the Acta Foundation and will then follow the same approval process as reimbursements (see figure above).


Reimbursement form for Acta Foundation related activities

Grant Application Form to grants released by the Acta Foundation