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To save everyone a bit of frustration, please look at these frequently asked questions before you write us.


When is the next educational programme in my subspecialty?

All information about the advanced educational programmes, or fellowships, are best directed at the course directors whose details can be found via the educational main page.

I need to ask specifics about the next SSAI conference

The next congress in 2024 will be in Oulu . Once we get closer, there will be more information on this site. Stay tuned.

I hope to work or study in Scandinavia

We understand! However, the SSAI is not in a position to be able to facilitate this. We are a supranational governing body and all positions need to be negotiated at the department level. There are quite strict requirements about language proficiency in the relevant Nordic language at the national level to be able to work clinically, so make sure to check the rules for the country you want to relocate to. SSAI fellowship programmes are generally aimed at people working clinically in Scandinavia.

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