Akut Barn app – big update

Akut Barn, the popular Danish app to help get initial management of paediatric patients right, now has a major update with 30 acute paediatric management guidelines

Dear all.

Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen have had significant impact in Denmark and beyond with their acute paediatric management app. So far, the app has mostly made sure via a one page lookup that you got a good starting point on size of equipment and dosing of fluids and medications based on weight or age, but the decision making was not covered.

That all changes today. After a long process involving a lot of local experts the app now includes guidelines for decision making and initial management of 30 different emergencies in children.

If you already have the app it will update automatically.

If not, you can find it here:

Screenshots that illustrate the array of conditions covered.

This addition is part of a larger ambition from Rigshospitalet on helping secure initial paediatric management in Denmark inspired by the American Pediatric Readiness Project.

Read more at the dedicated page at Børneparat.dk.

Feedback is welcomed to help improve the app. Email coordinator Lasse Høegh Andersen.

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