SSAI COVID-19 policy

SSAI policy in view of escalating Corona virus epidemic

COVID-19 epidemic is spreading and many hospitals are limiting the doctors’ travelling and participation in educational events. There may also be travelling restrictions set by the ministries and other authorities.

As a result of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, SSAI Board has decided to cancel all the activities of the SSAI requiring travelling abroad until the end of August.

I urge the members of the SSAI to try to minimize the extra cost to the Society as much as possible.

The operations model for the cases when the extra cost cannot be avoided is as follows (in order of priority):

  1. Try to get reimbursed from your employer
  2. Try to get reimbursed from your travel insurance company
  3. Reimbursement from the SSAI: apply for reimbursement using the guidelines at


Klaus Olkkola
President of the SSAI

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