Your input to the new SSAI logo

June 9, 2015

The official SSAI logo seems outdated and more importantly is not possible to use in new publications any longer due to low quality. The board therefore has decided to start a process to develop a new logo for SSAI.


The old official SSAI logo


The interim logo

In that process we need your input and help!

Please feel therefore free to fill in the form below – you do not have to fill in all fields, every comment is important to us.

Your contribution will give us valuable information about what the members think about the SSAI.

Thank you!

(1) What is SSAI's society/corporate culture?
(2) What is the target-group?
(3) How do we attract the target group?
(4) What is the vision for SSAI for the next 10 years?
(5) What should the logo tell?
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