About the SSAI

SSAI Members are expected to maintain a high standard of personal conduct and to treat members and others with respect.

SSAI has a zero tolerance policy for all types of harassment, including sexual harassment.

SSAI does not accept any form of discrimination, whether it is based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion.

SSAI will not allow bullying, intimidating or offending behaviour towards or amongst its members,

Any acts of harassment, discrimination or other misconduct should be reported to the SSAI using the form below immediately.

Anonymous reporting is possible.

If you have encountered a breach or suspect a violation of the ethical code of conduct, please report to SSAI. The SSAI will react on every report with highest priority and will support the ones who file the report and the victims who have experienced unwanted behaviour.

Please report a breach or suspected violation of the SSAI ethical code of conduct here