SSAI logo and templates

The SSAI logo was redesigned in 2016 and officially launched at the 2017 SSAI congress in Malmö, Sweden. You will find here all material where the logo is used on.

You can download freely, but you have to adhere to the SSAI brand guideline:

  1. Use of logo symbol and logo type (logo and accompanying name) is allowed only in the versions shown in this guideline.
  2. Templates (especially presentation templates) are intended for personal use in SSAI activities.
  3. If referring to representing SSAI you are obliged to use the visual identity elements of SSAI including logo, colors and typography (it is not allowed to refer to SSAI in a different format or include the name in another logo in a different form than presented in the brand guideline).
  4. It’s is not allowed to change the templates or the logo.
  5. It is not allowed to use the logo, template or guideline in commercial activities – e.g. third business sponsored presentation or education.
  6. Copyright is at SSAI

If in doubt, please send an inquiry to the SSAI president.


SSAI Brand Guideline (pdf) SSAI Powerpoint Template (pptx)

SSAI Logos


Print version (high quality, bigger files – approx. 1.3 MB per file)

Black (eps) White (eps) CMYK (eps) PMS (eps)

Screen version  (lower quality, small  file size)

White (png) Black (jpg) RGB (jpg)


Print version (high quality, bigger files – approx. 1.2 MB per file)

Black (eps) White (eps) CMYK (eps) PMS (eps) white on blue (jpg)

Screen version  (lower quality, small  file size)

White (png) Black (jpg) RGB (jpg)

SSAI Patterns

blue letters (use on white background) green letters (use on blue background)


Post Grotesk (zip)
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