Not currently recruiting

The 7th advanced educational programme in obstetric anaesthesia has ended recruitment.

The next programme is planned to start autumn 2024 and will start recruting in the beginning of 2024 with deadline in March 2024.

Info below includes background from recent application round

An advanced education program for specialists in anesthesiology, with a special interest in obstetric anesthesia, from the five Nordic countries.

The program lasts two years and consists of:

  • Clinical training, working in one or two departments of anesthesia, at least one with a special division for obstetric anesthesia
  • Four SSAI courses in various Nordic countries and participation in the SSAI Congress 2024
  • A four-week exchange program in a foreign country
  • Research project

Preliminary course dates:

  • Uppsala 3-6 October 2022
  • OAA in London 7-9 Nov 2022
  • Copenhagen 7-10 May 2023
  • Norway/Finland 2023/24
  • 5th SSAI Congress, Oulu, Finland, 2024

After fulfilling the Advanced Education Program, the candidate will be awarded a SSAI Diploma in Obstetric Anaesthesia.

Application deadline: 1 May 2022

Program start: 1 September 2022


Advert obstetric training programme
Information and portfolio 2022
Application form obstetric training programme 2022
Contract obstetric training programme 2022

How to apply

You need to fill out

  • application with info and signature
  • contract with signatures of applicant AND the chair of the host clinic

These need to be scanned to pdfs and sent by email to:

Obstetric Anaesthesia Programme Chairman

Kim Ekelund
Department of Anaesthesiology
Juliane Marie Centre
Blegdamsvej 3
2100 København Ø.

Obstetric Anaesthesia Working group