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The application round has ended.
The next course will commence in autumn of 2025 with applications opening up in autumn of 2024 with deadline in spring of 2025.
The below info is from the last round

The Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (SSAI) co-ordinates an Inter-Nordic post-specialist training program in Perioperative Medicine and Management.

New training period starting in spring 2023 with application deadline 2nd October 2022

The aim of the program is to provide anaesthesiologists that are especially interested in perioperative medicine and management, and involved in the planning and administration of the perioperative process, with new ideas of how to run and develop their organisation and the tools to implement changes.The program will focus on perioperative medicine, however knowledge in basic or specific anaesthesia will not be included as participants are already specialists in anaesthesiology and other advanced educational programs available within SSAI aim for advanced knowledge in specialised anesthesia. The main emphasis will be on methods of how to organize perioperative care to improve patient flow, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and quality of life. All this while utilising resources in the most economical manner. The programme will create a Scandinavian network in perioperative medicine and management that will promote not only collaboration between participants, but strengthen the position of perioperative care in the Scandinavian countries.

The programme will focus on

  • Peri-operative medicine. How knowledge and implementation can improve patient safety and outcome through multiprofessional teamwork in the pre-, intra- and postoperative period.
  • Peri-operative management. How coordination of the perioperative process can improve quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.

After completing the programme the participant qualifies as “Director of Perioperative Medicine and Management” whose responsibilities can include:

  • Evaluating relevant evidence in perioperative medicine
  • Analysing flows and processes of the perioperative period
  • Leading the intraoperative team
  • Managing of the perioperative process, including implementing change


The programme runs for 2,5 years. During the training period, 5 courses – each lasting 5 days – will be arranged. The courses will circulate among the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland). The program language is English.

The minimum total time away from clinical work will be ten weeks.

Five weeks (at the home clinic) will be set off for assignments such as A) a literature review in perioperative medicine, B) a patient pathway analysis, C) a project in managing implementation of change. Furthermore, there are five week-long courses, on in each of the five Scandinavian countries.

The literature review, the patient pathway analysis and the implementation of change should be linked around the same clinical problem – as a logical step to solve problems, 1) acquiring knowledge, 2) analyse problems in processes and 3) implementing changes to improve them.

Course dates and locations

Sweden: 17th– 21th April 2023 (week 16)

Norway: 6th  – 10th November 2023 (week 45)

Finland: 15th – 19th April 2024 (week 16)

Denmark: 4th – 8th November 2024 (week 45)

Iceland: 7th – 11th April 2025 (week 17)

Who can apply to the program?

Anaesthesiologists with special interest in perioperative medicine and operating room management with a minimum of two years clinical work after finishing residency are eligible for application. Since the programme aims to move the participants forward in personal leadership as well as in skills in management, personal commitment and enthusiasm is required to succeed and to make the program as useful as possible.

Membership in SSAI is mandatory and proof of membership has to be attached with the application. If this is not done before deadline of application, the application will not be handled.


All expenses for this program (including travelling, accommodation, and a fee for the whole program) must be covered by the host clinic. The program fee for all 5 courses is 10.000 Euros (over 2,5 years), not including travel and accommodation costs.

How to apply

The following documents (except the photo) should be scanned into one document in the mentioned order and mailed to no later than October 2nd 2022.

Make sure your name appears on all documents/ files and in the title of your mail. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Signed Contract
  4. Proof of SSAI membership (i.e. proof of membership in a national society who is a member of SSAI)
  5. Recently taken photo of applicant (tiff, jpg, pdf, attached separately)

Documents for download

Curriculum for the PoMM programme
Application form

Selection of applicants

Applicants are selected at the discretion of the steering committee according to quality of the application.

For further information about this program please contact your national representatives in the Steering Committee.

The steering committee of the PoMM programme


Mette Hyllested:, +4525722313,

Birgitte Brandsborg:, +4526844438

Mette Toft:, +4527121172


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Ib Jammer (Chair):, +4799339860

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